Navigating PDF files

  • The Program Assessment PDF documents will open with the Acrobat Reader Bookmark Navigation Pane open. All significant sections of the documents are bookmarked and should be accessed through this Bookmark Navigation Pane.
  • Some Bookmarks are nested under other Bookmarks. Click the triangles (mac) or plus signs (pc) in the Bookmarks Pane to view the sub-Bookmarks.
  • Some supporting materials may be additionally accessed through embedded hyperlinks. Other supporting materials are listed as downloadable files.
  • To return to a point of departure in the report please use the “Go To Previous View” command.
    View > Go To > Previous View
    Command + Left Arrow (mac)
    Alt + Left Arrow (pc)
  • Additionally, you can go to a specific page by using the “Go To Page” command.
    View > Go To > Page…
    Shortcut: Command/Apple + Shift + N

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